22. Oh.

Today was going to be a good day, as my car is finally in the garage being (I hope) fixed. However, it is not such a good day as the car is STILL in the garage and is (hopefully) being fixed, but will not be ready until tomorrow. Which in itself is not the end of the world – I might have gone to the folk club tonight if I had the car, but I am not walking 8 miles to Balloch, other than that, hey ho.
The eldest is back to deep watery stuff tomorrow, and I therefore have no lift to get to the garage to get the car. Which means I either need to beg someone locally to come and collect me, thus putting them out, or wait until E has an ‘at home’ day, which will be Friday I think, or walk to the bus – which is possible but risky, dislocation etc wise due to the needful route – or, and this one is the most likely, take the pick-up over, pay and collect keys and move car to carpark, take pick-up home, and get E to run me over in the evening to get car. The problem with this last is that it is her canoeing day, and she is not likely to be back until late, and thus not likely to be overly keen on running me to Helensburgh instead of eating and going to bed!
As I said, but!

Skye dog is now in bad books again, as she took off after a deer today. She did come back when P went after her, but she is not yet meant to be ‘normally active’ after her routine rearrangement, plus she is not meant to chase things. I may have to be rather firm with her for a while, and by rather firm I mean very, very harsh! She knows she has done something wrong, but she seems to prefer to do it and take the consequences, daft dog.

So, all in all, no progress on the four points or much else either. Tomorrow, as I have just said to another friend on another topic, is another day!


21. For the first time this year!

And in my counting system the only time!!

Today it has snowed. Quite a lot. Enough to mean that the pick-up is at the bottom of the drive despite its usually reasonable ability to cope with snow. The main road has been ploughed, but traffic is still proceeding with great caution.

I did get out earlier and shoot some photos – and in a few minutes I will see about some processing. Unfortunately the room, which is apparently 18 degrees, feels more like 10 degrees, and I need more clothing before I proceed!

I am musicking, with a soundtrack of Blazin’ Fiddles, and have consumed crisps and a corned beef sarnie (or two – but hush, we won’t mention that!)
I also have to go back downstairs and make something for dinner soon.
See, it’s all go round here!!

But first I shall finish my coffee, and check various stuffs.

All is in suspended animation on the other matters, for vaguely obvious reasons I think!

20. Today had its moments . . .

Not least the moment I discovered where the beremeal oatcakes had been stashed!!! I am most pleased about this.
I discovered a word as well, and I want to know more, but it seems that the obvious source of info has vanished into the ether.

I also sang some songs. I have not sung anything for some time, as I gave up going to the local folk club back in October for various reasons (not having a reliable car, not being energetic enough, not feeling very comfortable when there, and not wanting to be nagged about something that I actually want to get out of), and I have not been to the other one for over a year. I rarely get time in the house without others being here, and I prefer to practise in private, including learning new stuff. So singing today was kind of nice, albeit it was cut short when the other residents returned.
I am now listening to Grace Notes, and the lovely close harmony makes me long for ‘real singing’, harmony work with other singer(s). I can’t see it happening, no-one ever seems keen if I dare to broach the idea, either my bad luck to not know suitable people or I am such a shite singer that no-one wants to sing with me!
I need to decide what to do about the local folk club. I find it off-putting to be the odd fat single woman that gets laughed at. Yes, some people are pleasant to me, but I do not feel ‘welcome’, and it is not as though anyone would say ‘come and sit with us’ for example. And one or two people are very UNpleasant, and that I do not enjoy.
Perhaps everywhere is like that and I have just not noticed, but I have never observed (and therefore learnt) the protocol for acting when such is the case, so I am out of my depth. I don’t care that a few arseholes don’t like me, after all, I cannot say I like them either; but I do feel I would like to know how I am supposed to behave.
A puzzle.

More thinking today has made me regret the lack of a local ‘useful’ good friend to discuss some ideas that are swirling around in the porridgey mess I laughingly call a brain!
As you were on the other things, but it IS Saturday so not a day to progress things that need the working week anyway!

19. A day.

Well, it was a day! The main thing I noticed was a tefelone call that lasted for a while and that did not really communicate much apart from the annoyance that garages get stuff wrong. I did manage to finish a second sock, after the first had fitted okay, so that was good.
I listened to some music.
And that was more or less the whole day really.

It is a while since I played an instrument for myself (a practice known as practice!), and I really need to see about getting back to it. It also occurred to me yesterday that it is a long time since I wrote much music, yet ‘back in the day’ I was a moderately prolific composer. Oddly, I don’t really know why I have not started again. I do know why I stopped, that was for the same reasons I stopped playing and singing and going to gigs. But that condition is now no more, and I have not started writing tunes again.

I also mused and took part in a discussion about inspiration and motivation to create. This was fascinating and both informative and not informative at the same time. I am in awe of the ability to create ‘to order’, and yet so many people do it – and I wrote music ‘to order’ myself in the past. The only thing I can think of that made it possible was my own interest in the topic the music was to accompany. More thought needed!

No further progress just now on the other things. Laters!

18. This sock might work!

It is the third attempt, and this time it seems to be actually socklike! Despite using a thicker wool, I have doubled it, and that gives a much better texture. I think if I use DK on other projects then I might go for 3 strands.
Mmmm . . .
I think my interest in knitting has been rejuvenated! My next thought is whether I can get hold of a knitting machine. I used to own one, but it went out of use due to lack of space and the demands of a large family . . . and it was stored in the shed and went rusty. Sad.
However, I think I may haunt freegle and gumtree and see if I can pick one up for not much money. In fact, if my reader reads this and finds one on their local listing sites, then they might even contact me? Possibly?
I had a catch up with F today, and despite my own not inconsiderable crappiness-of-life, it did put things into context. I just don’t get why she plans to stay in the area though, if I were her I’d be hot footing it to Switzerland or Germany at this point!!
I went out earlier to move the car back up to the house. The snow has become slush and frozen, with added rain. Vile. I had also forgotten to factor in that it has snowed over the last 3 or 4 days, and the so found the car with a layer of frozen snow on it. I had, due to the forgettery, also not taken a brush or other snow-removing implement. I discovered that a magnetic sign for if P is on call with said car was not too bad a substitute!! But wow, my hands were cold.
1, 2, 3 and 4 as yesterday.

17. An ouchy sort of day!

Not in a bad way, I just spent a chunk of the day on my back in a dentist’s chair having stage one of root canal treatment done. Worryingly there are stages 2 and 3 still to come!!!! However, that was only 2 hours . . . the freezing wore off about half 6, and it has limited a few things, but it is done.
I do now have a sore mouth and my jaw kept clicking out of place . . .

I am still waiting for this terrible snow, but the forecast is bad enough to confirm what I suspected, daughter and self will not be heading back to the Borders this weekend, ‘twould be rather stupid to try it.

I am looking into FODMAP, as it may be that not gluten that is my issue. Not that it will make a lot of difference . . .

After a bizarre dream last night that saw me debating the rights and wrongs of social hugging with a random man, I have been contemplating social things, and have concluded that as well as being a generally antisocial cow I lack the learned knowledge of how to make friends. I don’t mean how to meet them, I know I don’t know how to do that, but what are the processes of moving from ‘meeting someone’ to ‘being friends’ and dealing with the weird glitches and stuffs that seem to crop up. More people watching will happen!

Amusing exchange on the book of face – maybe it is because I know the person in question, but I really cannot see how that accent could be mistaken, even in its ‘posh’ form. It was a ‘quiet grin’ moment. Salutary experience seeing the last exchange when I dealt with a message or two, and I am not totally ‘over’ what happened, but I have to at least make the effort to move on to some degree. Annoying about the biscuits though 😦

1. There is now decent progress, and this one may even end up being resolved soon. Fingers are crossed.
2, 3 and 4 – no change, BUT – if 1 is resolved it could lead to progress in at least 3 and 4, and possibly 2 as well, so let’s hope! I could do with some hope.
And a hug.

16. We now have some snow.

I cannot say we have masses of the stuff, but there is enough to be a nuisance, and I am told that the A82 is a little unpleasant. The cars are down on the lay-by, bar the truck. I do not intend to do any driving in the immediate future . . .
The Skye-dog decided that her fetching cone / lampshade has a use – she can scoop snow in it and lob it at the other dogs!! It was hilarious, but she was rather wet when she came back inside.
Today I have enjoyed the experience of rapid knitting, and tomorrow I need to start stitching stuff up, as I have mitts and a scarf to go with my hat from the other week!!
I finally found one of the chargers for the Ixus, so those batteries are now ready.
And I have had an idea, but I don’t know if it would be agreeable where it would need to be agreeable, and I am also unsure how to find out. I am also musing on another pipe dream, for which I almost totally blame a friend called Max!!
No progress on the other stuffs today, but the money has caught up for that survey.